Bring back your stolen vehicle

In the unfortunate event of vehicle theft, our GPS tracking device can assist you in recovering your assets. You can get the exact location coordinates of your vehicles, know the route taken and obtain an accurate timeline so as to bring back your prized possession with our real time GPS tracking device.




The latest NCC’s Car Theft survey, states that an average of 15 cars get stolen everyday in Nigeria? And 91% of these vehicles are never recovered. This is because most of these vehicles were not secured at all or were secured but with a quack car tracking device.

The essence of tracking a car is to give you the ability to track and recover your car in case of car theft. When you can’t recover your stolen vehicle, then you have invested your money in a failed car tracking project.

Do you value your car that much? Why not secure it today!

Our Product is a web / Phone based platform, giving you the opportunity of viewing your vehicles by the way of a secure username and password provided for easy access over the internet after installation.

No surveillance company in Nigeria will offer you a life long free subscription plan or even a longer warranty like we do. Our devices are reliable.

➡️24-Hour-7-Days a week monitoring of vehicles.
➡️24/7 Phone-in on vehicle status.
➡️Recovery services (95%) Guarantee.
➡️24/7 back up control room service.

No one want to toy with the car they bought for millions of Naira, Do you want to Joke with yours?

Call or whatsapp 08108043306 to get your car tracker installed

Important of Car Tracker

■ How would G-Korah GPS Car Tracker help prevent losing my car to theft?
Our Car Tracker ensures that in the event of car theft or car-snatching, sending just one short “text” message to our GPS tracker in your vehicle would absolutely shut down your car’s engine. And, sending another short “text” message to it would reply to your mobile phone your car’s precise location, and speed.
■ What happens if I lose my mobile phone?
Not a problem.

■ Does your GPS Car Tracker come with any warranty?
Yes, 1 year.

■ Do I need to pay annual subscription fees?
No, it’s optional.

■ Would the installation of your tracker have any side effect on my vehicle?
No, it will not.

■ Can it be transferred from one vehicle to another?

■ Is there an app for live tracking?
Yes, for both Apple and Android.

■ What separates you from the competition?
1. To us, this is selling a service not just selling a product. That is why we follow up to make sure your installed trackers are always active 24/7.
2. 4 years of flawless service, and recovery of tens of vehicles is some testimony to our reliability.
3. LIFETIME REPLACEMENT WARRANTY for Premium Platinum subscribers!

■ Where can I have one installed?
Installation centres spread across major cities in the country, or any private place of your choosing in the country.

■ How long would it take to install one?
1 hour or less.

■ How much will it cost to install one?
We have different types, at different prices. Kindly inbox us, or text/WhatsApp 08108043306 your city of intended installation.

■ How and when do I make payment?
After the installation is completed and all features are tested working as advertised, then you can make payment either to our company’s account, or our company’s representative that conducted the installation.