who we are?

Gabvic Korah Services Ltd was granted Licence to provide enhanced Sale & Installation ( S & I ) services by the Nigeria Telecommunication Commission (NCC ) in the year 2016.  

We are Nigeria Communication Commission ( NCC )  Approved company in Nigeria for Sales & Installations of communications & telecommunications equipment and accessories,CCTV Surveilance Cameras, Car Tracker Device,Electric Fence wire,Remote Gate, Security Systems E.T.C

Best GPS Car Tracker Company in Nigeria, We have made vehicle tracking, motorbike tracker, bike tracking, GPS fleet tracking, car tracking, person tracker more easier and cheaper than ever, find us for car tracker in nation-wide


Gabvic Korah Services Ltd was established in the belief of founding CCTV Cameras & Vehicle Tracking technological industry that would help the clients, masses and the retail technology operators to visualize and forecast the result of their investment clearly. 

Thus reducing the uncertainty that is considered a hallmark of tracking industry and investment in vehicle industry of Nigeria for the sake of 100% (hundred percent) protection of your vehicles, your family and friends. It also aims to contribute effectively in development of CCTV surveillance camera and vehicle tracking industry in the country, and taking part in security of the state.


To encourage all businesses in Nigeria to have website address. 

To encourage all Nigerian to secure their Vehicles/Bikes/Homes with GPS Tracker and CCTV Cameras.

our management team
why choose us ?

We have highly qualified, Motivated and dedicated people in our team. We put our values at the core of how we operate as an organisation, not just when it is convenient, but in a lasting and meaningful way. Want the time and energy you spend with us to have a positive impact in life. 

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