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Affordable Car Tracking

Why pay extra for car tracking services when you can get it for less. We offer the most affordable GPS car tracker installation in all 36 state of Nigeria.

Best Car Tracker in Nigeria

A well-known Car Tracker Installation Company in Nigeria to track and protect your vehicle, Gabvic Korah Services Ltd offers all international tracking features in Nigeria such as car tracker, Internet In Car, Email, 2 Way Messaging, Multi -User Access, Panic Button, Code Reader and much more. Customer's visual connector is particularly welcome. Gabvic Korah Services Ltd helps you relax by eliminating your car’s safety features and Enjoy Best Car Security System and advanced ship management services. We are ranked among the top 10 companies for installing trackers. Our tracker system is approved by NCC and 100% European with the latest technology and features.

We are using the latest tracker system in Nigeria that contains all three tracking technologies.

Real Time Vehicle Tracking

Gabvic Korah Services Ltd offers the latest GPS car tracker technology to provide our customers with the best real-time tracking system. The company began by addressing the growing need for GPS vehicle tracking technology for the transportation and transportation industries. With over 5 years of experience in the communications industry, management at Gabvic Korah Services Ltd understands the importance of having the latest technology and being the leading car tracker installation company in Nigeria. The company continues to seek the latest updates, changes and technologies related to real-time car tracking.

By following real time, you can find any of your cars at any time. Just knowing where cars and goods can be found can give comfort to business owners and car owners. A lost or stolen car can cause major problems and will be very expensive. Our GPS Car tracking device can also monitor things like driver behaviour and driver report. You can see that the driver is speeding or braking. How long the driver has been behind the wheel can also be checked to help monitor the problem.

Real Time Vehicle Tracking And Monitoring

Have a pin location that points directly to the status of the live car. It doesn't matter if you are busy in the office or relaxing at home, you can contact your car using Mobile App and the web portal.

24/7 Dynamic Control Room

Contact our team for any kind of help 24/7. If you have any questions or concerns about the condition of your vehicle, call us anytime, anywhere to find our best services and track your cars.

Web Access

You are at home or in the office and your young child is driving your car and you are worried about road safety risks. No need to worry, we bring all the features of your car including speed, braking, ignition / lock mode, history, full mile on your laptop / mobile. Access your car status on your laptop or mobile phone by signing in on the web.

Engine Stop/ Start Facility

You park your car and you feel unsafe and you are afraid of car theft, no worries now, just call us and stop your car engine after installing our car tracker in your vehicle. If you stop it no one can start your car until you release its engine. Stop or start your car engine at a time when you need to have maximum car security.

Best Car Alarm System

Your car is not just a commodity, it is a trusted companion on the road, one of your most valuable assets, and most importantly, a mobile memory generator. The best way to protect your mobility is to equip it with the Gabvic Korah Services Ltd car alarm system.

When it comes to protecting personal belongings, automatic alarms are the least expensive way to protect your car. Thieves by nature will always choose a simple target. The action of installing the alarm increases the chances that your car will not be selected if other convenient options are available. One of the biggest costs of owning a car is the annual insurance policy. When making an initial purchase from an insurance provider most people will choose a company that offers the best cover at the best price. But our advanced car alarm system reduces your insurance costs and gives you peace of mind about car safety.

Personal Tracker

You can now easily track your loved ones, children, adults, employees and even your vehicles (24 × 7) Anytime anywhere in Nigeria with your Mobile Phone or Laptop with your Personal Tracker. Tracking your loved ones is now completely safe and trackable with our tracking services available throughout Nigeria. Gabvic Korah Services Ltd Keeps You and Your Lovers Safe & Sound in the outside world 24 × 7 with our tracking system.

GPS tracking devices can track, manage and set up your vehicle alerts. Small to hide during installation, easy to install, water proof and setup based. You can have the location of your car and report it on your mobile phone or laptop and you can fully control your car confidentially on your mobile phone. You need to install Gabvic Korah Services Ltd GSM/GPRS/GPS Car Tracker in your car with our ​app on your mobile phone, now you are free to use it according to your need and desire. With its complete privacy system, you are free from interference of any kind of individual or company.

A separate personal GPS tracker tracker has the following functions that will protect your car with your mobile phone. The GPS tracking unit assists you with continuous vehicle tracking that helps to monitor and analyze the location of vehicles, yet in addition to the vehicle's condition.

Key Services Offered :

  • Have a pin location that points directly to the status of the live car. It doesn't matter if you are busy in the office or relaxing at home, you can contact your car using Mobile App and the web portal.
  • GPS Fleet Tracking To Track, Monitor and Manage your Fleet Trash and Waste Trucks. Get a Quote and Improve the Bottom-Line of Your Business Today!
  • Fleet Tracking For Concrete Companies
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Car Tracker Installation
Our GPS car tracker helps you to manage your cars more efficiently and profitably. Try the # 1 Nigerian car tracker installation system today!
CCTV Cameras Installation
CCTV Experts - Design - Install & Maintain.
Electric Fence Wire
Protect your property anywhere in Nigeria with an awesome perimeter security system that shocks and raises alarms.
With Gabvic Korah Services Ltd GPS Tracker 'Heavy Equipment OEM Telematics Integration, understanding your instrument is just a click away. Manage your hybrid equipment, light and heavy trucks, trailers, or any other portable device using a single vehicle management system.
Construction & Building
GPS Fleet Tracking Tracking, Monitoring and Management of Your Vehicle and Construction Equipment. Get a Quote and Improve the Bottom-Line of Your Business Today!
Oil & Gas
GPS Fleet Tracking, Monitoring and Managing Your Vehicle and Gas Fleets. Get a Quote and Improve the Bottom-Line of Your Business Today!

Our Core Services

Car Tracker Installation

Gabvic Korah Services Ltd Vehicle Tracking System is the Most Powerful and Reliable Car Protection Service with the help of Global technology. Gabvic Korah Ltd Ltd tracking is available in a complete web solution without the problem of installing different software on your computer. 

Gabvic Korah Services Ltd Tracking provides bird's eye view with full details such as Speed, Direction, Movement States, Alarms, Temperature, Fuel Level, CAM Bus dashboard and many more. It is a powerful web-based software for managing hosts of all sizes. Whether one or a thousand vehicles should be maintained. Gabvic Korah Services Ltd Tracking not only gives you an overview of your daily work significantly. That can be refined by its remarkable design that is easy to use.

Bike Tracker Installation

Bike theft has turned into a major social problem. In Nigeria, in 2016, millions were paid to insurance companies to cover the loss of bicycles to customers due to theft. As a result of this rapid and sudden increase, the police for the first time in 2020 have acknowledged that the problem is growing. We agree, and we want to do something about it. 

 Gabvic Korah Services Ltd Bike Tracking System uses an integrated tracking device using GPS and GSM signatures to ensure that you are in control of your bike location. It will fit any bike handle and is hidden on the outside. With high battery life and adjustable tracking resolution, it ensures that it is not lost due to the empty battery. Bike Tracking – 24/7 Location Services – Geo-Fence Alert – Bike Theft Monitoring Ignition On/Off alert – Ignition On/Off alert – Route Management – Battery Back-up – Customized Web Tracking for SME’s

Fleet Management

Vehicle Fleet Tracking Tracking That Is Easy To Use. Making it easier to save. Our Plug & Play Devices Release Pressure on Fleet Management With Full View of Your Fleet in Real-Time. Do not waste your time waiting for an installer to risk losing your warranty. Our fast and easy and playful devices allow you to install them and make sure there will be no car damage. You can also easily move GPS devices for tracking ships from one vehicle to another if necessary. Worried about interrupted devices? Use Y-Harness for secure, hidden, and intrusive installation. 

Some of our competitors claim to offer real-time car tracking installations but actually offer a 1, 2, or 5-second track. With the Gabvic Korah Services Ltd Fleet Management System, even if your car is parked indoors and underground, technology will begin to track as soon as the vehicle is moving. Our average tracking is about 15 times, but our new active track is only second per second. Our GPS car tracking always gives you the accuracy of second-to-second data for hitting, trip distance and time, as well as speed and engine idling. Identify and reduce fuel consumption through our detailed fuel reports. Better handling routes, car speeds, idle time, fuel cards, and car maintenance to better manage fuel. 

Accurate engine diagnostics from our GPS vehicle tracking system allows you to clearly see any car faults that cause a bad fuel economy. Fleet Monitoring – 24/7 Nationwide Tracking – Multiple Geo-Fencing – Driver Identification System – Driver Profiling & Performance Analysis – Fleet Base & Route Fencing – Customized Web-Based Tracking

Fuel & Oil Sensor Installation

Gabvic Korah Services Ltd Fuel Levels fuel sensors are used for accurate measurement of fuel and volume measurements in car tanks and stationary units. Our Fuel Level Sensor allows you to determine the current fuel volume and the change in volume (refueling or discharge) of fuel in the tank. 

The Gabvic Korah Services Ltd Fuel Level Sensor is used to track GPS and automotive telematics systems as an additional fuel sensor or as a substitute for a built-in (factory) standard fuel level sensor. When used as part of a telematics program, Our Fuel Level Sensor allows to obtain reliable and accurate information on the current fuel capacity of the tank and to expose the misuse and theft of fuel in the tank. The Gabvic Korah Services Ltd Fuel Level Sensor also provides an overview of the general use of fuel in a car or stationary unit. 

The Gabvic Korah Services Ltd Fuel Level Sensor has a standard 5-fold flange and can be mounted in an area where a standard fuel sensor is located or in an open area in a fuel tank. All the necessary details for the installation and marking of the Fuel Level Sensor sensor are available in the Fuel Level Sensor mounting kit. When the Fuel Level Sensor installation is complete, you must perform a tank measurement. A measurement table is built into the process, in which the sensor output signals correspond to the appropriate levels of fuel in the tank. This table is used by the fuel monitoring system to determine the amount of fuel in the tank.

Temperature Monitoring

Temperature – 24/7 Real-time Temperature Monitoring – Temperature vs. Time Graphs – Temperatures can be viewed Online at anytime – Keeps Temperature Level Visible – Alerts on change in Status of Temperature – Protect your Assets around-the-clock.

Generator Monitoring

Generator Tracking System from resolving your emphasis on managing Gensets located away from the work station. It has become important for all organizations as it is the only source of electricity supply during the dynamics of power. Proper maintenance can lead to a longer life for some who change. The Tracer system with GPS is an effective solution for electrical power testing. The automated solution provides direct access to the operational and diagnostic data of various firm dynamos and provides close-to-minute information on location to make informed decisions that improve efficiency and reduce maintenance costs. 

Various details while in operation and in idle state are sent to the recipient at the end and 24/7 monitoring can be obtained. Organizational officials can work even remotely to obtain effective processing. GPS Enabled Genset tracking system is wireless technology that can be used from remote locations. During power conversion it can be turned on and off easily with a mobile phone and PC. As generators are planted without the power of an individual to help their work failure often occurs. The installation of GPS solution provides live updates to certainly reduce the risk involved in the crash. The implementation of the GPS solution serves as the presence of a genset management expert. Continuous 24/7 monitoring occurs thus increasing productivity through it. 

Live and historical reports on Genset performance are provided by GPS Solution. The online system collects all the information and sends the customized reports to research its activities. The availability of fuel is important to use generators. Proper tracking of these devices is done in real time where they slow down and avoid fraudulent activities. - Generator Real-Time Working Status 24/7 – Fuel used with Daily and Hourly usage Analysis – Generator running/stand-by hours (Fuel Consumption Monitoring) – Fuel Monitoring by Fuel Level Sensor – Real-time Location – Fuel Tank Open/Close Status

CCTV Cameras Installation

HD CCTV cameras with full remote access to view from anywhere.

Question & Answer
What happens if I lose my cell phone?

No problem.

Does your GPS Car Tracker come with a specific warranty?

Yes, 1 year warranty.

Do I need to pay an annual subscription fee?

No, it can be chosen

Could the installation of your tracker have a negative impact on my car?

No never.

Can it be transferred from one vehicle to another Vehicle?


Is there a live tracking app?

Yes, for both Apple and Android.

What sets you apart from the competition?

For us, this is selling the app and not just selling the product. That's why we follow up to make sure your installed trackers are up and running 24/7.

5 years of flawless operation, and the acquisition of dozens of cars is a testament to our loyalty.

LIFETIME USE OF LIFETIME for Premium Platinum subscribers!

Where can I put one in my vehicle?

Installation centers are spread across major cities in the country, or to any private location of your choice in the country.

How long will it take to install one?

1 hour or less.

How much will it cost to install it?

We have different types, at different prices. Please contact us, text or WhatsApp +2348108043306 your target city for installation.

How and when do I pay?

After the installation is complete and all features are tested as advertised, then you can pay into our company account, or our company representative who made the installation.

Latest News about our Industry

Transportation Business
As a truck owner or ship owner, you know that the efficiency of ships can be the difference between financial success and poor results. You need to know that your cars are well-delivered and your drivers are efficient, safe and profitable. Your customers are expecting a timely delivery and are looking for quality services. Gabvic Korah Services Ltd GPS car tracker provides continuous vehicle monitoring to help shipowners improve cargo entry, impact pilot performance and reduce storage costs. Monitor operating hours with Gabvic Korah Services Ltd GPS Logbook to ensure compliance and reduce expensive paperwork. Improve your shipping and line operations by finding the time and money lost in overwork!
Construction Company

Construction companies operate in highly competitive environments and must continue to deliver cost-effective and efficient projects. Tracking and monitoring cars and equipment with GPS gives leg construction companies. Simplifying the ability to manage the use and timely provision of high-value construction equipment and goods can make the difference between profit and loss. The Gabvic Korah Services Ltd GPS tracker is powerful and easy to use, equipping you with navigation tools in addition to easy GPS tracking. Get the information you need to reduce costs and improve the product and profitability of your construction projects.

Delivery Vehicles

If your customers are expecting a quality service delivered on time, always - do not look beyond Gabvic Korah Services Ltd GPS car tracker. Gabvic Korah Services Ltd GPS car tracker provides live tracking and reporting of delivery vehicles that help deliver a pause service. Better manage your services, drivers, and inventory of improved delivery services. Combine fact-based data such as start / stop times, arrival, and departure, distance traveled and driver behavior statistics such as speed, heavy braking, acceleration. Be aware that your goods are delivered by route and if necessary, get them on the go. Increase the profit and satisfaction of your customers with Gabvic Korah Services Ltd GPS car tracker.

Gas Company

Oil and Gas companies are facing serious challenges in remote and difficult natural environments. Employee safety is also important to keep operating costs very low. GPS installation of Gabvic Korah Ltd has gained a reputation for surprising reliability with a wide selection of GPS hardware. With cell phones, satellites, dual mode (cell phones / satellites) GPS hardware available you are sure to have uninterrupted connections to your cars, equipment, and equipment almost anywhere. You can rely on real-time tracking and PatchMap Oilfield Mapping to improve confidence in employee safety and tracking, and efficiency.

Oil Pipeline

The most complete set of oilfield maps available. The oilfield PatchMap map is technically integrated into the Gabvic Korah Services Ltd GPS tracker as a searchable overlay. A typical gold visual aid, a reporting engine, and a warning tool for troops operating in the eastern energy sector!

Sales Vehicles GPS Tracking

Those who sell know the speed and accuracy required to make a profit. Time is of the essence, and it is impossible to track all your people and property using traditional methods. Gabvic Korah Services Ltd GPS car tracker provides companies with cars that sell like yours with the tools they need to operate as efficiently as possible. The cost of cutting and enlarging their bottom line. Track and monitor service trucks by GPS tracking and give your business a leg up in the competition. Simplifying the ability to manage usage and provide timely service to customers can be the difference between profit and loss. Get started today!